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Servicing & Maintenance

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UFH systems are extremely reliable and largely maintenance free. It is always sensible to ensure that your system is in good shape to avoid unexpected service interruptions, so we highly recommend that you undertake a regular maintenance programme.

Why Is Regular Maintenance Important ?

A UFH system is a mechanical system with moving parts, water flow and electronic components, whilst most major parts will be covered under your product warranty the labour most likely will not be, so as you would with any heating system getting a professional to a conduct an inspection and service will ensure that your system continues to run at optimum efficiency avoiding any unexpected breakdown whilst saving you money and helping you to continue to continue to reduce your personal carbon footprint.

What Issues Can Occur ?

If left unchecked, it is possible that just like an Un-serviced car your economy will decrease, and your system will have to work harder putting strain on key components and potentially reducing their life span a regular service will ensure that this does not happen, a service will check for the following:

  • Trapped Air 

  • Balanced Flow Rates

  • Residue Build Up (Hard water areas in particular)

  • Dead Spots

  • Pump Performance

  • Thermostat and Hub Optimisation

Any of the above can lead to inconsistent heat output, increased parts wear, higher energy costs and increased personal C02 emissions

Service Checklist

Our fully comprehensive service will ensure that your system is fully functioning and collaborating properly with your boiler, air (ASHP) or ground (GSHP) source heat pump. Our heating engineer will check the following areas:

  1. System Pressure 

  2. Water Transparency

  3.  Heat Source Collaboration for each zone and each UFH loop

  4. Thermostat set up and Smart Hub settings

As part of the service and included in the cost, the Engineer may need to flush your system and replace the water and inhibitor solution.

Our recommendation is that a service should be carried out on an annual basis. 

"Peace of Mind"Options

One Off Service  - £250

2 Year "Peace Of Mind" Package - £399

3 Year "Peace of Mind" Package - £475

* All inherited systems subject to One Off Service prior to being offered the "Peace of Mind Package" .Further terms and conditions apply


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